Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NYC Update

1. I have been really sick since I got here.
2. I have somehow through this found a room to rent in an awesome loft in an awesome location in Williamsburg. I move in tomorrow.
3. I had an awesome interview for some freelance work today. Looks very promising.
4. Been doing a bit of babysitting to keep busy while I make solid connections. Baby chocked a bit today and I realized I forgot how to do baby CPR, homework time.
5. Got seriously lost in scary Brooklyn a few days in and cried.
6. Have grown up and figured out my way around, no longer feel lost, will no longer cry.
7. Discovered awesome $6 manicures.
8. Miss everyone so so much but must be honest, and do not be jealous I have made some friends.
9. Got to see Chris play at an awesome venue, seriously cool.
10. Found amazing vintage shopping. Seattle has some good stuff but this place... WOW! (Thanks Chris)
11. Cant for the life of me figure out what to be for Halloween.... help? But Ashley will be here and that will be amazing.
12. Scotty comes to visit in November!!!!
13. I am most likely coming home for a few days around Christmas!
14. Did I say I miss everyone so much?


oh wait:
15. I have yet to have a good cup of coffee... there are lots of places but they are not good. New goal to find one within a few blocks of my new place for easy on the way to work pickup when it is freezing in February.

Oh wait this also!!
16. New haircut.


Heather said...

Mwah cute girl! Dang I totally know good coffee there.. ooh! 9th street espresso still there in the EV? I know, it's not Bklyn. I always had coffee there at the theater on 13th street between 3rd ave and Broadway? Right around the corner from my old apt.

Anyway, tell me when you'll be here so I can make sure I'm not there!

Also I am hiding in Ashley's luggage for a visit.

alex t said...

your haircut is the best cut I've ever seen on you, it's the cutest!! I like your list and miss you dearly.

I got your call the other day. I'm busy working on your site! I will tell you about the crazy weekend soon.

you better take me to those vintage shops when I visit!!!

ashley visiting is too soon and I am jealous!!! (but I will be in japan, so I won't be that jealous ;)