Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Bird

Sophie Madeleine, my new favorite little bird.

You Are My Favourite:

Oh it's sitting on the tip of my tongue
as we're quietly strolling along.
I've been meaning to tell you for so long now
that it's got me stuck in a hold somehow.
You're looking me right in the eye.
We stop still and the world rushes by
and as I struggle to hide it inside I find that
I lack the courage to tell you.
And all I can manage to say is

"You are by far my favourite.
and I've been thinking it's about time that you knew.
That you are by far my favourite.
And I hope that I'm by far your favourite too."

You're looking at me ever so strange.
I guess it's time I should really explain.
You see I'm ever so glad that I met you now
I'm constantly being amazed at how you
make all my troubles dissolve.
Every kiss leaves me wanting another and my
heart hits the floor when I see you.
And I feel so sure when I say that

"You are by far my favourite.
And I've been thinking it's about time that you knew.
That you are by far my favourite.
And I hope that I'm by far your favourite too."

So will you forgive this stuttering fool?
This mess of a girl? Oh, please don't be cruel.

'Cause you are by far my favourite.
And I've been thinking it's about time that you knew.
That you are by far my favourite.
And I hope that I'm by far your favourite too.

Mad Hatter

The question of when Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland: Mad Hatter movie comes out. I love Alice as most of you know (I have an original drawing tattooed on my forearm) and don't think I have ever been more excited!

Long wait (March 5, 2010) but these look so beautiful!

I love the actor who plays the twins! Matt Lucas from Little Britain, although I am sure if he will be playing a comedy roll this time with the Tim Burton twists.

I hardly ever go see movies on the big screen, except for summer time drive-ins or on really cold winter days, but this one I will be at!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rainy Saturday Night

I took a spill down my stairs this evening in the process of getting ready. So I have no choice but to stay in with my computer and ice! Thankfully I am staying dry, I lost count of how many days in a row it has been raining.

I decided to share another one of these with you. I love lists like this because they are different every time. Again no particular order.

1. just after it rains
2. brunch
3. my wonderfully fun job
4. email pen pals
5. endearment
6. beards

7. music like this
8. upstate NY
9. forgiveness
10. my new Paul Smith heals

11. weekly pampering
12. coffee
13. Classic Cinema Online
14. Stogo's vegan ice cream
15. sweet tea vodka
16. Japanese food
17. podcasts
18. gray
19. birds
20. words written by friends
21. shorts
22. car rides through the city
23. gummy bears
24. my roommates
25. sandwiches
26. rearranging rooms
27. free street finds
28. paychecks
29. day trips
30. kids
31. old homes
32. lipstick
33. sausage
34. decorating
35. thrifting
38. fresh cleaned clothes
39. train rides
40. rooftops
41. Betty Boop cartoons

42. smiles
43. dark eyes
44. Jones Fife
45. The Mouse Spot
46. blog cursing
47. teeth with character
48. kisses
49. cuddling
50. celebrations
51. concerts outside
52. thunder and lightning
53. Widower
54. fresh lettuce
55. dates
56. planning trips
57. old westerns
58. Dad's cooking
59. phone calls home
60. google maps
61. Sundays
62. organizing
63. the woods
64. the beach
65. sun bathing
66. doing favors
67. forgiving
68. never forgetting
69. memory differences
70. pancakes with peanut butter and syrup
71. anticipation
72. other people's ways of life
73. getting to know someone
74. parks
75. bob cuts
76. Kill Devil Hill
77. articles about locals
78. staying up late
79. my apartment
80. molasses cookies
81. subway
82. vintage dresses
83. planning photo shoots
84. learning to ride my bike
85. campfires
86. concert posters
87. fans
88. personal phone books
89. her
90. rest
91. talking
92. the weekly NY mag
93. dreams
94. sweetness
95. equality
96. farmers markets
97. being a regular
98. secrets
99. growing up
100. living life

Friday, June 19, 2009


Today I went scouting in Coney Island with Jamie and Kylie. I really enjoyed myself despite being soaked due to the down pour that lasted until late this evening! Planning shots for what is supposed to be a summer time shoot in the pouring rain was more then entertaining and somehow a success.

rain approaching, image by Jamie

When will this arrive?
Image from here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


to post images from upstate and Art at Grasmere, so here they are.

Grasmere landscapes.

My favorite painting of the weekend.


vintage shutters.

long forgotten, yet in plain sight.


Summer dresses are out and ironed and being worn.

Ears Lowered

This is now me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She'll Be Comin'

I'm feeling good and working hard. I have some really great projects that I will be shooting all within the next few weeks. Things are lined up and moving fast, it is practically July 5th for me. Its good, no all is going very great!

I wore this today.

I love it. If you look up how much it costs well... I deserve it! My freelancers treat for receiving a long awaited check in the mail the other day. I felt great in it all day long, I was told I was walking around looking instantly photograph-able! I LOVE THAT!


work food

Back for more scouting Thursday, this time no roller coaster ride! Did not even make it over the first hill without whiplash!

Love this random chair that was on my building rooftop. Plastic and wood combo. Modern and rustic.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have been lost in sunshine, haircuts, quick trips home, bloody marys, work for many kinds of prosperity...

I will be heading upstate to Meagan's parents this weekend to attend this.

Then back to the city for a very fun and very heavy summer of work!

Working and enjoying this: