Monday, October 27, 2008

Chapter 23

Wow how the chapters turn in life. I like that they keep moving but sometimes I want them to go on for a few more pages. New ones beginning. Miss Dorr will be here in a few days. I can't wait for a little home to come to me in NY! We have Halloween extravaganza, a concert, and much shopping to do!

I just finished my last day of antibiotics! I am hoping I am better, I can't handle being sick any longer! It's time to get down to business here.

I live here.

Obama is everywhere... don't forget to vote please!
(For whoever you want!)


And then there is Mika

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I need to stop reading books about American History. I am on my second in a row and with the addition of the elections... I might move to some tropical place and cook other people food for the rest of my life, while doing their laundry on the side and whatever else to live comfortably and be tan.

Very good book, kind of exciting actually at parts with the battle descriptions. But what I have more then realized is that it once again glamorized history. It is always more gruesome.

Now I am on to this much loved and equaled hated novel:

This one is trying to cover all the gruesome details! I know that America is not the only country built by people with a desire to rule at any life's expense, must countries were built this way, but it still makes it hard to be proud.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am still sick and headed for the doctor again tomorrow. Yes a different doctor then the last one. I developed a sinus infection for sure over the last few days, so I am thinking I will call the last doctor and yell into the phone, "Asthma my ass!!" I want my money back.

On a lighter note I backed oatmeal raisin cookies for my roommate, after being her for over five years she has yet to master american baking... but I am more then happy to make the treats for her. While I was at it I made a vegetable soup from scratch with no recipe! Its tastes great!

Good night.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Daily Oatmeal with Dark Brown Sugar

Routines are setting in as the one month mark approaches. I am at that point where somethings are becoming very normal but other things still remain foreign and confusing.

I am really enjoying my apartment. My roommates are both from Istanbul and very sweet people. We were blessed with the positive side of craigslist. Thanks goodness. Its big place and well worth what I pay especially since usually not only is your room small but so is the rest of your place. I have a smaller room but not that small and the rest of the place is very nice and open.

(There is a hallway to the right of this image that leads to the front door and stairs to the bedrooms.)

I have discovered my new coffee shop. I am not totally convinced it is the most convenient for on the way to work, its a few stops past the subway, but it is so far the best americano and biscotte combination I have come across in this city. It is a little place called El Beit. Very cute little place with bar seating at the front that opens to the street and a courtyard in the back with plenty of space. I must admit there is a coffee shop across the street from my place I have yet to try (it more of a cafe) because it is not open when I leave for work and by the time I get home it is so packed with boys that stare and try and make eye contact I am afraid to go in!

(Image taken form someone elses blog... everytime I have been in it has been to crowded. Also I must compliment the wide angle used. It makes the place look way larger then it is.)

Williamsburg is turning out to be more then I could have asked for. Especially the location that I live. I was so sick when I looked at places I did not realize everything I was getting! Also it is so close to the subway to Manhattan I can easily head there for the favorite I found while living in the East Village. Everyone know I am a lover of food and that my day usually relies upon pampering my tummy. There are so many places to go here it is crazy, I have yet to discover some things I will really love I think, until then here are the top:

1. El Beit
2. Wild Ginger (Vegan Pan-Asian)
3. Potato Cafe (This plac is out of this world great!)
4. Gellato (this is Japanese I swear! I could not find it online but it was great!)
5. Baci & Abbracci (Inexpensive wood fired pizza, yeah! Even the good pizza is inexpensive here!)
6. Crooked Tree (I want to eat here every day.)
7. Penny Licks (my oh my sweets galore)

Ok thats all for now! I shall continue my search on for more lovely eats.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

YES! So officially no longer says "coming someday". Its here! There is not much on it at the moment have a few things that are not internet ready yet but will make it soon, but it is a great start.

Thank you, thank you Alex for all your help!

Note: If you have tired to look at it before and when it loads it still say "coming someday" hit the refresh button, cookies get in the way.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NYC Update

1. I have been really sick since I got here.
2. I have somehow through this found a room to rent in an awesome loft in an awesome location in Williamsburg. I move in tomorrow.
3. I had an awesome interview for some freelance work today. Looks very promising.
4. Been doing a bit of babysitting to keep busy while I make solid connections. Baby chocked a bit today and I realized I forgot how to do baby CPR, homework time.
5. Got seriously lost in scary Brooklyn a few days in and cried.
6. Have grown up and figured out my way around, no longer feel lost, will no longer cry.
7. Discovered awesome $6 manicures.
8. Miss everyone so so much but must be honest, and do not be jealous I have made some friends.
9. Got to see Chris play at an awesome venue, seriously cool.
10. Found amazing vintage shopping. Seattle has some good stuff but this place... WOW! (Thanks Chris)
11. Cant for the life of me figure out what to be for Halloween.... help? But Ashley will be here and that will be amazing.
12. Scotty comes to visit in November!!!!
13. I am most likely coming home for a few days around Christmas!
14. Did I say I miss everyone so much?


oh wait:
15. I have yet to have a good cup of coffee... there are lots of places but they are not good. New goal to find one within a few blocks of my new place for easy on the way to work pickup when it is freezing in February.

Oh wait this also!!
16. New haircut.