Sunday, October 12, 2008

Daily Oatmeal with Dark Brown Sugar

Routines are setting in as the one month mark approaches. I am at that point where somethings are becoming very normal but other things still remain foreign and confusing.

I am really enjoying my apartment. My roommates are both from Istanbul and very sweet people. We were blessed with the positive side of craigslist. Thanks goodness. Its big place and well worth what I pay especially since usually not only is your room small but so is the rest of your place. I have a smaller room but not that small and the rest of the place is very nice and open.

(There is a hallway to the right of this image that leads to the front door and stairs to the bedrooms.)

I have discovered my new coffee shop. I am not totally convinced it is the most convenient for on the way to work, its a few stops past the subway, but it is so far the best americano and biscotte combination I have come across in this city. It is a little place called El Beit. Very cute little place with bar seating at the front that opens to the street and a courtyard in the back with plenty of space. I must admit there is a coffee shop across the street from my place I have yet to try (it more of a cafe) because it is not open when I leave for work and by the time I get home it is so packed with boys that stare and try and make eye contact I am afraid to go in!

(Image taken form someone elses blog... everytime I have been in it has been to crowded. Also I must compliment the wide angle used. It makes the place look way larger then it is.)

Williamsburg is turning out to be more then I could have asked for. Especially the location that I live. I was so sick when I looked at places I did not realize everything I was getting! Also it is so close to the subway to Manhattan I can easily head there for the favorite I found while living in the East Village. Everyone know I am a lover of food and that my day usually relies upon pampering my tummy. There are so many places to go here it is crazy, I have yet to discover some things I will really love I think, until then here are the top:

1. El Beit
2. Wild Ginger (Vegan Pan-Asian)
3. Potato Cafe (This plac is out of this world great!)
4. Gellato (this is Japanese I swear! I could not find it online but it was great!)
5. Baci & Abbracci (Inexpensive wood fired pizza, yeah! Even the good pizza is inexpensive here!)
6. Crooked Tree (I want to eat here every day.)
7. Penny Licks (my oh my sweets galore)

Ok thats all for now! I shall continue my search on for more lovely eats.

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