Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Orange Zebra

Did a little shopping for myself last week, this sweater was one purchase and on great sale! Maybe the only thing I bought on sale. It was the first day of Spring 2009 the other day, so to celebrate I headed to the nail salon to get orange nails! Then today I switched from Clinique to Mac... so I celebrated with a new color of orange lipstick titled "Vegas Volt." Yes Spring! Now weather change!

No Denying

You know I only hear about the days when singers were simply entertainers as well. He might be the only one my generation has. You cant deny it, he is good.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Always with Care

I always loving reading her words and taking in her images. I have always felt that she knows and understands me more then I do myself. A feeling that can be uncomfortable yet is more comforting. There is a link to her blog that she shares with her younger sister under other inspirations, but this one today I particularly enjoyed. Read always with care.


Miss you and love you so much, cant wait for our Sunday!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Chicken

(Image from Martha Stewart back in the day)

Spring has not quite arrived but I can feel it in the air! There is a popular brunching spot below my apartment and the past two weekends it has been getting more and more packed, outdoor serving starts in two weeks but everyone is pushing for now! I took a long walk in Central Park this afternoon and it was great to see so many people out without so many layers and smiles on their faces! The winter past quickly with lots of sunshine! I am looking forward to so many outdoor NY experiences without my goose down jacket.

Wining and Dining
McCarren and Central Park events
sun bathing on my rooftop
bathing suits
potlucks with friends
brunches outdoors
road trips to surrounding states
hair cuts
outdoor photo shoots
cut off shorts
10 ft Single by Stella Dallas (you have to come to me to see this just ask Chris)
iced drinks with straws
reading in the park
gallery art openings
no tights
smiles from strangers
kids shrieks and giggles
food to go but not for my couch
visiting Seattle
flea markets galore!
voluptuous farmers markets
bloody mary Sundays
walks to work in the sun
postcards and letters
things I can't imagine

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You Just Can't Help It...

...when you find a note that you know was not meant to be seen by anyone but who it was written for and maybe not even them, but you just have to read it.

I am a huge fan of This American Life and listen to it on an almost daily basis (I have a lot of years to catch up on!). At times they will mention side projects, books, or performances, etc. of the people they bring on to tell stories. I used to just listen and then forget and not think twice. Recently I started writing them down when something caught my attention.

Today I wrote down foundmagazine.com after listening to act one of "By Proxy" written by Davy Rothbart. This website is all about that found letter and so much more.

Few favorites I came upon on my first look:

Ok one more. Not sure if this is the kid in me, but made me laugh. Everything is strange about it.

And I heard today,"I don't think it is ever to late. You just never know what people need to know."

Sneak Peak

The weather has gone far back into winter, and my hopes for dresses without tights got pushed back with it! I have a few busy weeks coming up with work and visitors so I thought I would post this sneak peek before I forgot. I will probably remind you but they should be up on the Working Class Magazine website by April 1st!

Its for their "Faith" issue. All our sets were built from scratch and are glimpses of a person's personal space that will give you a sense of what their faith is without actually seeing or knowing them. We did five different people, this is just one. Love each space so much, hope you visualize the people we were, stay tuned for the others!

Photography: Charlotte Davis
Styling/Props: Jessica Soga and Kylie Fife