Monday, June 30, 2008

Midnight, lighting storms, and 75

This is what happens during the day when that is the night.

Avoiding sunburns.

Human sprinkler.

I just felt the first breeze of the day.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My trip began with a cancelled flight.  Stuck in Portland with nothing to do but drink.

I was only gone for about four days but really it felt much longer.  There is something about entering suburbia that really makes time slow so much for me.  Although I love where I spent the first half of my life, I continue to thank my parents for the move we made to Seattle.  
Roseville was originally a railroad town and continues to operate as one.  However in the last ten years it has exploded into mass produced homes and strip malls.  Where miles of quite rolling hills used to separate towns they are now connected.  Its a different atmosphere then I am used to in the city and every time I visit home it reminds me that I am not ready for that routine of a life.  I was asked by my friend Frank if I would ever move back there and I honestly think I never will, but as we all know never say never, right?

Red, Ash, and my sexy leg.
(Roseville is beginning to have some more city like bars.  
P.S. Red just got back from a Brad Paisely concert, I do not come from the country)

So needless to say this is no sight seeing town.  What I love about visiting home is the look on peoples faces when they recognize you have have not seen you in years.  I have visited on a semi regular basis but hardly ever have enough time to see everyone I would like too... maybe since I waste to much time relaxing in the sun.  But usually when I go back there is at least one person that I run into that I have not seen in years or maybe even since I left.   Im not totally sure why and I never expect any of these people to remember me (I was 12 when we moved), but they do, to no fail and there is something comforting about that ingrained existence in their minds.

Pools in backyards?

The main purpose of the trip was to see my brother and meet his family before I moved.  I do not see him often since he still lives in Roseville and we do not talk that much, so it was a really important trip for me to make.  His girls are lovely and I was pleased to see how much love his has found in his relationship and with her daughter as well.  Although my brother has no children of his own I think I will be taking some parenting lessons from him if I ever have that stage in life, he amazed me but at the same time it seemed so normal for him.  They all drove me to the airport this evening and Madison was confused as to why I had to go home.  As we pulled up in front of the airport she asked if that was where I lived?  You could see the look on her face she was not happy to part with me.  This little girl has so much love in her heart for everything and everyone around her.  As usual I held myself together until the last moment.  As my brother was giving me a hug and fussing over my bags the water works began.  Among many other comforting words my brothers response was, "Don't worry, I would not let you move if I did not think you could do it."  Simply put from my brother that means more to me then I can express.

Sara, Madison, Justin

Only about two months and fifteen days to go.

Friday, June 13, 2008

There Will Be Broken Hearts

Back to my roots.

Always and forever

So moving is starting to set in with a lot of excitement and sadness. I got to experience the enjoyment of cooking dinner with Josie the other night and, then enjoying it with him and Mel. On round two, cause everyone knows I usually always have seconds, we were joined by Kate and Jason. All of these people are resent additions to my life and amazing ones at that. Recently spending such quality time with these sorts of people has become very bitter sweet. I am aware that good solid friendships do not happen everyday and must be cherished.

As I think about it now I am overwhelmed with a sense of absence already. I have been so excited about the move that sometimes I forget what I will be leaving behind. I know that I will no doubt be leaving a piece of my heart here in Seattle with many amazing people.

As Heather calls these feelings of mine, "Growing pains."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


All I need on Sundays: Ballard farmers market (crepe please), King's bloody mary (salad on top), Fiore americano (two raw sugars and soy), relaxation!