Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As I lifted my shades that day in July

So many of you have heard the story of the day that I met the lovely Maldive clan, friends, and girlfriends, and wife. It was a lovely summer day that I can honestly say changed my life. Although there was some heart ache involved it was quickly out lived by pure love and appreciation for friendship these people offer. I had been at the beach all day indulging in my normal forms of relaxation and soaking up the sun (a bit to much soaking in fact). I was invited by an acquaintance of theirs to attend a bbq and later that night a show was up for grabs... but boy I had no idea what that meant!

As I rounded the corner to their Phinney Ridge watering hole I had the sun blaring in my oversized sunglass wearing, slightly crisped face, and as I stepped into the shade provided by the front porch overhang and pulled off my sunglasses the first face I was greeted by was this lovely man.

The little interaction I had with him that evening he came across and shy and polite in the old fashioned respectful way, and to my surprise later that evening he got up on stage and sang some amazing songs with his band Widower. This boy stole a bit of my heart and still has it, I was surprised by him. He later moved in with me for a bit, struggling to keep himself from moving back to the Big Apple.  He has became someone special to me, someone I am very fond of and know will be a continuing part of my life. And on that note he is the one escorting me across the country to introduce me to what will soon me my stomping grounds.

This lovely lady, Mr. Kevin's love, will be joining us on the much anticipated by all vacation. See she has never been to New York before and at the same time we will be accompanying Kevin home to meet his family and friends. I could not wish for a better person for Kevin to be dating. She is beautiful, silly, mature, and loving, just to say a few. Although Sara did not want her picture taken last night when Kevin and I went to visit her at work, I think her picture shows this well... she can't help it she is to cute! So two weeks from now we will be enjoying the NY life, vacation time is due.

P.S I love this bar she works at.  There is art covering every inch of the walls, it had calm lighting, and the best part is the vending machine filled with time art pieces for sale.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday, Monday

I have been working on the same job for over a month now. I know, I know big deal. You go to the same 9-5 everyday and you are still alive. But let me tell you having only worked freelance in my industry over a month on the same job is killer! If I style one more pair of Hanna Andersson clothing I may loose my mind. I am an assistant on the job... but as we all know a more knowlegable one, so I get to style most of the accessories for the internet and catalog. Examples below: (Note: if you look around on the website there are several accessory items that were done before I joined the Hanna team, keep that in mind, ha!)

Tights      Chones        Hats

Simple you may say? Well all I can say is no, and you would not believe me unless you experienced it! Let me say after 15 pairs of underwear, 20 pairs of socks and tights, 18 pairs of shoes, well you get it... It gets repetitive! But hey some work is better then no work, this I know, and what doesn't get repetitive?

Last night was Little Red Hen dancing lessons, the two step this week. The funky mood I was in did not allow me to enjoy it like I usually do, but there is no way that it can't put a smile on your face for at least a moment. Im looking forward to finding a partner who can teach me something as opposed to me hardly learning and teaching them!

But today was Monday and besides the repetitive nature that is Monday, I had a great one.  El Chupacabrah (I was interested in what that was exactly) for dinner with Miss Stacy and Renee.  This one is for you Kev, you are always so proud!


Then I went and saw a movie with the lovely Julianne and Alex (Scarecrow friends get you all kinds of free pass time!)  Good movie, interesting, there was a lot of politics and then some video game like animation... really as I came out of it my main thought was how amazing it is the judgments that cultures put on each other.  How badly people misunderstand others because of their own ignorance.  I could have done without the video game aspect but I would say it was a good one time watch.

(The bottom title)
This one was late... but we only missed the previews and Julianne still bought her candy.

What lovely girls I have in my life.  I think this blog will show a lot of that fact!

Growing up

Lessons are so hard to learn. Relationships seem to be impossible to master, not even master, just keep from completely tearing. Im feeling that I am going through this intense lesson learning, growing up process right now. But as a very wise friend told me this evening your 20's (especially early) are not easy years. Thank you Heather, if you were not there to tell me even just half of the things that you do I most likely would have checked myself in months ago. I have got a lot to learn. So on that note I shall continue to attempt to learn these lessons with grace, and although like earlier this evening I lost sight of that, I think I will come out on the other side grateful for them.

As you can see in the first image she is my advise giver and great friend.  Our age difference has never mattered to her and that makes me love her even more.  I feel lucky to have met this lovely person, I will miss her.

So my moving to NY date has at this moment been set for September 10, 2008.  More specifically 4 months and 16 days. Another thing to add to my current growing up process. Thankfully I am not in this one alone, I am dragging my good friend Ashley to The Big Apple with me, love her for that and I am sure that she feels the same way about me!

That is really my reason for restarting this blog. I used to write on it as sort of a therapy thing... but that only needs to happen for me when things are on a down slop and no one needs to read about all the inner stuff all the time so it was quickly discontinued. I want this to be a way to keep people informed when I leave, so that if I do not get a chance to talk to them directly for a bit they know that I am still alive and well on the other side of the country. Not that this is a replacement for actual contact because that would classify me as a bad friend. So the decision was made to start it up now because for those of you who know me I tend to get bored with things quickly if they do not become habits. Attempting to start the habit now.

And New York here I come!