Monday, April 28, 2008

Growing up

Lessons are so hard to learn. Relationships seem to be impossible to master, not even master, just keep from completely tearing. Im feeling that I am going through this intense lesson learning, growing up process right now. But as a very wise friend told me this evening your 20's (especially early) are not easy years. Thank you Heather, if you were not there to tell me even just half of the things that you do I most likely would have checked myself in months ago. I have got a lot to learn. So on that note I shall continue to attempt to learn these lessons with grace, and although like earlier this evening I lost sight of that, I think I will come out on the other side grateful for them.

As you can see in the first image she is my advise giver and great friend.  Our age difference has never mattered to her and that makes me love her even more.  I feel lucky to have met this lovely person, I will miss her.

So my moving to NY date has at this moment been set for September 10, 2008.  More specifically 4 months and 16 days. Another thing to add to my current growing up process. Thankfully I am not in this one alone, I am dragging my good friend Ashley to The Big Apple with me, love her for that and I am sure that she feels the same way about me!

That is really my reason for restarting this blog. I used to write on it as sort of a therapy thing... but that only needs to happen for me when things are on a down slop and no one needs to read about all the inner stuff all the time so it was quickly discontinued. I want this to be a way to keep people informed when I leave, so that if I do not get a chance to talk to them directly for a bit they know that I am still alive and well on the other side of the country. Not that this is a replacement for actual contact because that would classify me as a bad friend. So the decision was made to start it up now because for those of you who know me I tend to get bored with things quickly if they do not become habits. Attempting to start the habit now.

And New York here I come!


Heather said...

Oh girl quit making me cry! Loves you many many muchnesses.

jessica said...

Ha! I can't help it if I have amazing girl friends!