Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As I lifted my shades that day in July

So many of you have heard the story of the day that I met the lovely Maldive clan, friends, and girlfriends, and wife. It was a lovely summer day that I can honestly say changed my life. Although there was some heart ache involved it was quickly out lived by pure love and appreciation for friendship these people offer. I had been at the beach all day indulging in my normal forms of relaxation and soaking up the sun (a bit to much soaking in fact). I was invited by an acquaintance of theirs to attend a bbq and later that night a show was up for grabs... but boy I had no idea what that meant!

As I rounded the corner to their Phinney Ridge watering hole I had the sun blaring in my oversized sunglass wearing, slightly crisped face, and as I stepped into the shade provided by the front porch overhang and pulled off my sunglasses the first face I was greeted by was this lovely man.

The little interaction I had with him that evening he came across and shy and polite in the old fashioned respectful way, and to my surprise later that evening he got up on stage and sang some amazing songs with his band Widower. This boy stole a bit of my heart and still has it, I was surprised by him. He later moved in with me for a bit, struggling to keep himself from moving back to the Big Apple.  He has became someone special to me, someone I am very fond of and know will be a continuing part of my life. And on that note he is the one escorting me across the country to introduce me to what will soon me my stomping grounds.

This lovely lady, Mr. Kevin's love, will be joining us on the much anticipated by all vacation. See she has never been to New York before and at the same time we will be accompanying Kevin home to meet his family and friends. I could not wish for a better person for Kevin to be dating. She is beautiful, silly, mature, and loving, just to say a few. Although Sara did not want her picture taken last night when Kevin and I went to visit her at work, I think her picture shows this well... she can't help it she is to cute! So two weeks from now we will be enjoying the NY life, vacation time is due.

P.S I love this bar she works at.  There is art covering every inch of the walls, it had calm lighting, and the best part is the vending machine filled with time art pieces for sale.

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