Saturday, August 23, 2008

August over?

Almost and I do not know what happen to it.  I promised myself months ago that I would not work this month.  I would spend time with friends, relax and pack my apartment for the move.  However, like it the past when time has been taken off it only lasts so long.  I worked all month however Friday did mark the last day till September.  I have learned about myself that I need work, like it, feel crazy without it.  So on that note it leaves me one week to pack up my life and ship out!  Well not totally.  Ill be homeless though but still around till the 16th of September.
Today is my birthday and I am feeling awesome about what the next year holds for me.  I know it help that it is always nice out on my birthday and that it is a Saturday.  But I am honestly so pumped for what 23 has in store for me, whatever that may be.
So I do not think that people should celebrate their birth"day" all week.  But this year I broke my rule.  Scotty and I went to dinner at my parents last Sunday and out came the cards, gifts, and cake.  All very yummy (thanks to the bbq my parents have inherited from me due to my move!).  Then Tuesday Scotty took me to an amazing restaurant across the street from my apartment called Harvest Vine.  It was the best date I have ever been on, I adore him and he amazes me more everyday.  

Last night was Widower show and a little bit of dancing.  One was mellow on was intense... sensory overload and almost to much to drink.  But it was an entertaining way to ring in 23!  On my way out the door for dinner with the girls (well most of them) then mod disco night with all.  I am so excited for this evening and this year!