Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday, Monday

I have been working on the same job for over a month now. I know, I know big deal. You go to the same 9-5 everyday and you are still alive. But let me tell you having only worked freelance in my industry over a month on the same job is killer! If I style one more pair of Hanna Andersson clothing I may loose my mind. I am an assistant on the job... but as we all know a more knowlegable one, so I get to style most of the accessories for the internet and catalog. Examples below: (Note: if you look around on the website there are several accessory items that were done before I joined the Hanna team, keep that in mind, ha!)

Tights      Chones        Hats

Simple you may say? Well all I can say is no, and you would not believe me unless you experienced it! Let me say after 15 pairs of underwear, 20 pairs of socks and tights, 18 pairs of shoes, well you get it... It gets repetitive! But hey some work is better then no work, this I know, and what doesn't get repetitive?

Last night was Little Red Hen dancing lessons, the two step this week. The funky mood I was in did not allow me to enjoy it like I usually do, but there is no way that it can't put a smile on your face for at least a moment. Im looking forward to finding a partner who can teach me something as opposed to me hardly learning and teaching them!

But today was Monday and besides the repetitive nature that is Monday, I had a great one.  El Chupacabrah (I was interested in what that was exactly) for dinner with Miss Stacy and Renee.  This one is for you Kev, you are always so proud!


Then I went and saw a movie with the lovely Julianne and Alex (Scarecrow friends get you all kinds of free pass time!)  Good movie, interesting, there was a lot of politics and then some video game like animation... really as I came out of it my main thought was how amazing it is the judgments that cultures put on each other.  How badly people misunderstand others because of their own ignorance.  I could have done without the video game aspect but I would say it was a good one time watch.

(The bottom title)
This one was late... but we only missed the previews and Julianne still bought her candy.

What lovely girls I have in my life.  I think this blog will show a lot of that fact!

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hollerhollerhollerholler said...

you're gonna have to figure out that camera red eye fixer effect because I always have red eye. and not the hot cillian murphy movie either.

you make me miss blogging. but I never called it that. my lj is FULL of treats!

this is alex btw. I don't use blogspot, but found out I had 2 accounts I never used. I wonder how that happened? hmmm