Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How is the asparagus soup? Life Changing.

I must apologize to all the faithful blog checkers who have not had anything new to look at for some time.  Please never stop nagging me about it!  I let myself get caught up in way to many wonderful meals like I had this afternoon with Mackenzie at Quinn's... and let me tell you that asparagus soup was life changing as the waiter so confidently told us.  Mackenzie and I have officially been categorized as "foodies" and are always looking for every meal to have "life changing" flavor.  We tend to be a bit over the top ordering way more then we need to eat, plate upon plate, smiling at the waiter as they look at us with that sideways glance of, "Crazy girls, that's a lot of food," and say, "Don't worry, we will eat it!"  Quinn's lived up to its expectation and is highly recommended.  

As much of a foodie as I claim to be I will admit that I induldge in the horrible food of this world as well.  I try to hard but I am time after time sucked it!  Everyone that knows me knows I just can't stay away from the fast food cravings!  But even this hot dog I at the other day was to much for me!

Seriously!  Does anyone else see a problem here?  I know I asked for relish and that pickles are green, but if that green does not scream artificial?!?  Ah!  Why do I like it so much?
The big trip to The Big Apple has come, happened, and gone.  I was so excited but part of me was thinking there could be the possibility that I would visit Brooklyn and decide that moving there was not really what I wanted.  Thankfully that is not what happen.  I am almost scared shitless about it but since I have been home it is something that I am looking forward to even more now.  I cant wait to explore a new city and create new experiences and routines!  Here are a few photos from the trip.  I did not take to many... I need to get better at that.  I am not used to having a camera on me at all times.

Kev and Sara are not the best flyers so we had to throw back a few before we flew out.

Kev's New Jersey home... and inside:

Concert for the babies!

The big Friday night party end with couples dancing to Sam Cooke... lovely evening.

Lovely Drew Victor!

Will, Willy, Bill, Billy just could not take anymore!

Who says you can't enjoy the outdoors in the city?

Whoever catches the cigarette... smokes the cigarette

Another "foodie" stop, the Roebling Tea Room
Red Flannel Hash

Lovely travel partners!

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Super cute photo of Kev and Sarah!