Friday, May 30, 2008

Home For Sometime At Last

Between New York and cat sitting Tom Cat I have only been home and slept in my own bed two nights in the last two plus weeks.  But peace at last.  Starting last night I will have the exceptional joy of sleeping in my own bed for sometime following.  Do not get me wrong I love traveling and such but sleeping on couches, in other peoples beds, maybe great beds, you just start to not sleep right no matter.  For those of you who have come in contact with my bed, there is no denying it invites great sleep.

Tom Cat

I enjoyed a lovely summer day today.  The last day off until the storm of several jobs rolls in tomorrow.  But as Josie said this evening that is how I do.  I work too much for anyones sanity for several weeks or more and then I kick my feet up and relax until it starts again.  So eve before the storm I am sitting on my wonderful bed listening to Lillydale, the retired band of my friend Josie, thinking of the wonderful possibilities of summer 2008.  The last few months before my move, beautiful summer months, many lovely people to share some amazing memory lasting experiences.  Part of those experiences will most definitely include many BBQs. Anytime there is an announcement of a BBQ it is shortly followed by the question "What would you like me to bring?" and to no fail (and mainly from Kate) the answer is, "Your deviled eggs."  So in the spirit of a great summer 2008 I share with you my deviled egg recipe.  

Note:  It may seem a bit strange but I have to be honest about this.  You will notice none of the measurements are exact and appear to be more based on look.  I am allergic to eggs so the reality is that I almost never try them when I make them.  Thankfully however my dad is an amazing cook and he taught me how to make deviled eggs, among many other things as a kid.  Since I could not try them and just followed his directions I just learned how much of what makes them taste good to other people.  So here it is:

Hard Boiled eggs

*This is pretty much the most important part.  Badly boiled eggs never lead to good deviled eggs.  Not enough boiling is well, gross and to much boiling is well, extremely smelly.

12 eggs 
large pot of water
  • Use the needle to poke a hole in one end of each of the eggs.  This allows some of the egg insides to escape as they expand from boiling and prevent cracking.
  • Once water reached a rough boil gently add eggs.
  • Let them stay at this rough boil for 10-11 mins.  Remove for the heated burner before the 11 mins are up.  Any longer will eventually lead to the smell we are trying to avoid.
  • Let the eggs rest in the hot water for 10 more minutes.
  • Drain from the hot water and run under cold water until sufficiently cooled.  This will make pealing the eggs extremely easy!
Boiled to Deviled

Saffola mayonnaise 
Grey Poupon dijon mustard classic
2 good sized cloves of garlic (or the equivalent amount of shallot)
*From my experience the brand of mayonnaise and dijon mustard you use really does make a difference.
  • Once you have pealed the eggs cut them in half vertically and empty the yolk into a bowl.  One egg becomes two deviled eggs!
  • Add about 6 to 8 tablespoons of Saffola mayonnaise and mix well with a spoon.  Should not be really smooth looking.
  • Add about 5 tablespoons of dijon mustard classic and keep mixing. 
  • Take the two cloves of garlic and smash them with a knife to release juices.  Then mince finely and add to yolk. If you like a bit more of a sweet flavor use shallots.
  • If yolk still appears to be too dry (by this I means looks or feels but you can taste it)  Gradually add more mayonnaise and dijon mustard.  But if you add one add the other!
  • If you were my dad you would take out your cake decorating tools and eloquently squeeze the yolks back into the center of the whites.  However if you are me you use a spoon and a finger.  Spread evenly.
  • Lightly sprinkle with paprika.
Deviled eggs for you guacamole for myself (I share).

Lovely addition to wonderful BBQ!

On a side note I have been listening to the Lillydale cd on repeat, as I usually do when I get a new cd.  I love it.  The last on on the album Sea, Shore, Spiral is especially lovely.  However it is sad to me that I met Josie only shortly before this band had its last performance.  Now that I have gotten to know and love him I wish I had known back then and had gone to that performance.  I have many many friends who are musically involved and watching them on stage is always a moving and enjoyable experience, not matter how many times I have seen them.  I would have liked to have had that experience with Josie.  He says however that for sure another day another band.  Cross your fingers.


Heather said...

Was the last show the Bumbershoot show? I wish you had been there too! Josie was born to be on stage.

Jessica Soga said...

Yes it was! And like this year to poor to go and wach the loves of my life be fabulous!

Kate Lebo said...

I love eggs! Love them! I hope you'll save money this year to see those Maldives at Bumbershoot. We can stand up front like silly little girls. Fun!