Friday, June 13, 2008

There Will Be Broken Hearts

Back to my roots.

Always and forever

So moving is starting to set in with a lot of excitement and sadness. I got to experience the enjoyment of cooking dinner with Josie the other night and, then enjoying it with him and Mel. On round two, cause everyone knows I usually always have seconds, we were joined by Kate and Jason. All of these people are resent additions to my life and amazing ones at that. Recently spending such quality time with these sorts of people has become very bitter sweet. I am aware that good solid friendships do not happen everyday and must be cherished.

As I think about it now I am overwhelmed with a sense of absence already. I have been so excited about the move that sometimes I forget what I will be leaving behind. I know that I will no doubt be leaving a piece of my heart here in Seattle with many amazing people.

As Heather calls these feelings of mine, "Growing pains."

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