Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You Just Can't Help It...

...when you find a note that you know was not meant to be seen by anyone but who it was written for and maybe not even them, but you just have to read it.

I am a huge fan of This American Life and listen to it on an almost daily basis (I have a lot of years to catch up on!). At times they will mention side projects, books, or performances, etc. of the people they bring on to tell stories. I used to just listen and then forget and not think twice. Recently I started writing them down when something caught my attention.

Today I wrote down after listening to act one of "By Proxy" written by Davy Rothbart. This website is all about that found letter and so much more.

Few favorites I came upon on my first look:

Ok one more. Not sure if this is the kid in me, but made me laugh. Everything is strange about it.

And I heard today,"I don't think it is ever to late. You just never know what people need to know."

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Heather said...

I love your brain. xoxoxo