Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She'll Be Comin'

I'm feeling good and working hard. I have some really great projects that I will be shooting all within the next few weeks. Things are lined up and moving fast, it is practically July 5th for me. Its good, no all is going very great!

I wore this today.

I love it. If you look up how much it costs well... I deserve it! My freelancers treat for receiving a long awaited check in the mail the other day. I felt great in it all day long, I was told I was walking around looking instantly photograph-able! I LOVE THAT!


work food

Back for more scouting Thursday, this time no roller coaster ride! Did not even make it over the first hill without whiplash!

Love this random chair that was on my building rooftop. Plastic and wood combo. Modern and rustic.

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