Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Life, Missing Bits of The Old

I am sad to say I have been totally horrible about keeping up on this blog. But to my defense when lots of great things are happening I just do not think to blog, although there is lots to blog about.

I have made the move to NYC about a week and a half ago. Heather wrote a bit about my going away party and posted some pictures. Thank you so much to everyone that came to say good bye to me. It was an extremely fun night and much appreciated!

I had a wonderful last job in Seattle, although it was actually in San Diego. Lots of fun... little bits of work. I will miss the Cutter & Buck crew and my rap buddy buddy sing-a-longs.

I have finally begun to adjust to this immensely large city. Does not help that I appear to have some sort of respiratory sickness (bronchitis?) and have spent much of my time passed out sick in bed! But I did manage to somehow find myself an apartment in an amazing loft with some complete strangers who seem quite nice! All very exciting.

I made my way up to the Guggenheim Museum today to see the Louise Bourgeois exhibit, which was very inspiring and beautiful. I love going to art exhibits for the main reason that when you go you usually see something that you do not like. I am not sure why but there is something inspiring about art that I visually dislike being displayed at the Guggenheim. Maybe you will like her though, check it out: Catherine Opie I could not find an official website for her but most of those images were on display. However I really did like her freeway series but they were completely different then the rest of the exhibit.

Guggenheim Favorites of the day: (Images not from the actual exhibit)

Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois

Catherine Opie: freeways series

Woman Ironing, Picasso
(From the Guggenheim's personal collection)

I am adjusting but missing Seattle. I got to live with Scotty before I left and I cant express how great our time together was. Looking forward to people visiting but trying to focus on adjusting completely here. Oh yes and having no car is awesome!

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