Monday, November 10, 2008


In theme of the new direction that our country is going in, I am changing the direction of my blog. Being in NY now I am way more inspired by things then I have ever been. I figure it would be more entertaining for you, and beneficial to me to blog about these such things that inspire me.

Lately my focus has been what I am going to do with my room. It is a small space, as most NY spaces are, but since I moved in with people who were already living in the apartment it is the only space that is truely mine in the apartment. I figure room decoration will be a great project for the quickly approaching winter.

#1: I have a problem with white walls most of the time, so I think the first step is painting. I am beginning to head in a slightly different direction of taste recently so my simple brown/yellow/white pallet is no longer going to work. Plan is just more color, in rich tones. But the walls in a small space like this is a very important decision and I had been struggling, until I saw the page color of the Smythson company.

This company is amazingly classic. I will have to stick to the Moleskine for the time being due to cost, so starting with Smythson inspired wall paint will have to do!

#2: Bedding. I will keep the white sheets. With sheets I love the look and feel of the crisp white. The comforter is yellow which will stay but I need a throw that is much more rich in blues and maroons. I am continually inspired by the feel of Anthropologie but they still never have quite what I am looking for. I have been visiting the Chelsae flee market and thrift shop after thrift shop in search. It will show up soon I know.

What I am visualizing would look great with these pillows from Anthropologie.

#3: The biggest part of this whole process, that will definitely be an ongoing project. Wall decorations. I was taken into this shop recently in the Upper East Side called Marckle Myers. It is amazing and I could and have and will continue to be lost in this shop. The lady has owned the place for 16 years and is extremely knowledgeable on the subject. What started out as an endeavor to please her mother turned into a life long hobby. While most are extremely rare and expensive she has been kind enough to include a $25 dollar section of her store. Inspired by Weston $25 print, $10 mat cut, less then $20 frame from the flee market = and beautiful piece for the wall in about $50. My goal however is a black swan, she has one, but it is not quite what I am looking for.
#4: This inspired me greatly! Not that there is one place that I eat at all the time but that I love food and trying new places! So I decided that I would find my own Manhattan/Brooklyn map and start marking places I have eaten and loved to help me keep track. Although I have a note book that gets taken with me everywhere to write things down eventually that notebook gets full and a new one arrives or notes get lost in other notes.

This image is from an awesome website called All sorts of inpiration to be had there.

#5: Of course I will have my normal inspirational wall section where I tack up images from current magazines I love, etc.

#6: My room is small but I need some sort of small desk area. Just a little dark brown table that will sit flush against the wall with a little chair to match. Simple and small. Something great like a long thin old cutting board.

#7: I put new lightbulbs in my room so it would look like summer! I love light and with winter approaching it need it, but I might have gone overboard! Now I want to get some amazing vintage light fixtures.

#8: The last project is a head board. Being who I am I will be determined to make it on my own. I want it to all be wood I think dark wood. I saw something similar to what I am thinking once in a Greenpoint loft space, the girl did her whole wall. I need to brainstorm this one I have been searching for inspirational photos all day and not finding.

It is a good thing I am headed to the flee market tomorrow. Maybe i can find some of these things I am looking for and bargain for them!

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