Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pilgrims and Indians

I logged into my email today only to see one of the most exciting emails I have gotten in a long time. It informed me that a costume had pretty much become mandatory at my Thanksgiving Day gathering... I have been looking for an excuse to wear feathers and this is my chance!

(image by kat heyes)

Ok I know, I know, but his head dress really is awesome! (apparently the guy next to him is a pilgrim... he could have at least had a collar!)

(image from digitalmeatloaf.com, yes really)

I forgot to mention when I was at the flea market last Saturday I got a framed (what it says is) steel engraved etching of the Mayflower for $3.00! Its lovely and I picked it because I love images of old colonial looking ships, I did not realize it was the Mayflower till later.

Tis the season!

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