Sunday, April 5, 2009

Passing Quickly

My new goal has been becoming one with my point and shoot digital camera. I think Kylie has been having better bonding time then I have, but hey it is coming with my everywhere and it is coming out of the purse, its a start.

My hair continues to get shorter...

Kylie took this photo of me at a great new restaurant, Caracas, that just opened down the street from my place. A new place seems to open every week and I have fallen a bit behind on trying them out!

One of my most favorite things about my neighborhood are all the great brunch places. I try to rotate between them every weekend.

(Photo by Kylie Fife)

I have been spending a lot of time organizing upcoming shoots and looking for inspiration.

(Photo by Kylie Fife)

The best part about Juliette's is that they serve Stumptown coffee. They announced it to me one week as though it were some far off unknown wonder of the world! Stumptown has been spreading throughout Brooklyn and some of my favorite places serve it! That's right Manhattan, for now you have to come here to get the best coffee in the city!

My first of many cobblers this spring season! It was so good, and I ate it was some delicious vanilla soy ice cream. That's right soy, I have been very good about my allergies lately! I already bought more peaches to make another one.


Heather said...

Brunch was totally one of my fave NY things. Love Seattle, but Seattle Sunday brunch - not the same thing. Bloody Mary's and Farmer's Market are preeeetttttyyyy awesome though!


Jessibell said...

Ill take it! In just a few short weeks!