Friday, July 31, 2009

Have I Ever Mentioned

That I love taxidermy? Well I do, a lot! As soon as I live someplace where the other dwellers of my space will allow me to have it I will have it! Saw this article in the New York Times. These spaces make me jealous! Minus the cute boy with the dog and cat taxidermy. Something about having a loved animal, or what have you, stuffed does not sit well with me.

Oh the zebra rug! I know where to get one in Seattle and have thought about purchasing it when I am home in August. I would not be able to have it out in my apartment now I think, but since I would have it forever I could just store it, right?

So beautiful against the dark wall.

(I know some of you that read my blog are vegetarians, I am so sorry but I grew up in a hunting and fishing family and they are so beautiful to me!)

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