Friday, February 27, 2009

Music Radio

I love listening to music when I am home, pretty much at all times, but I do not have an extensive music collection. I don't even own an ipod! Plus it makes my birds whistle and that's a nice sound. My favorite music radio site is Pandora and lately I have been experimenting with different artist to see what come up and what gives me a play list I really love. I have figured out that typing in not only the artist but a specific song that they sing really helps, for example Beyonce "Single Ladies", comes up with a great girlie sing along. However this evening I might I have discovered my most favorite play list. It must be my mood this evening because I have not thought of this artist for so long.

I was feeling a little down from a negative encounter today, then angry, but later really positive as I have been lately. Creative and mellow. Thinking of Spring, old and new loves. All the great girl friends I have. All the goals and projects I have set for myself and how excited I am to take it all on. So sorting laundry and drinking wine a song came into my head, and I thought it could be either a really awful or amazing Pandora channel. As I am finding lately little upsets in my life are always followed by amazing additions as long as I stay positive and I am a counter of those little amazing things. Pandora's Sade channel brought my mood right back where it needed to be. Listen.

P.S. If you do not remember who she is.

Oh also, HEATHER! This is why you have to come visit... other then just me and that you love NYC.

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Heather said...

Hee hee! YES!!! You cute lady.

I'm so old that I remember Sade's first album! And had it on tape AND record. Ha ha!

I like the new blog design!