Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So Close but Worlds Away

A long day of work yesterday landed me at Heather C.'s doorstep in a cute flowing dress, layered with a vest, and patent leather black pumps.  Yes as I call them, "big girl clothes."  People are usually shock by this look for me.  With my long chicken legs and accompanied hight heels usually gives exaggerated length and with my normal casual clothes a dress always throws people for a spin.  But I have to say I felt great and people seemed to think I looked it!  I plopped down in the chair next to her bed in her extremely adorable studio apartment and slipped of my heels.  We proceeded to indulge in our normal conversation that I love so much.  The kind where you talk and talk as you clean and by the time the conversation is done with the apartment looks great and both people feel amazing inside.

We decided a meal was due and Ballard was not currently an option.  Seems to be the consensus of the women in my life.  Sorry Ballard, you just aren't hitting our spot anymore, but you will still always hold a place on the back burner.  Sad I know.  The decision was made to head toward Capital Hill, I know not really a better choice, but with that soon came an invitation to have dinner cooked for us by some friends of Heathers'.  I was skeptical for reasons that can remain unsaid, for they have nothing to do with these boys, but I love interacting an meeting new people and a free meal is always nice so on our way we went.

I was told to drive like I was going home and that they lived close by.  And close by indeed.  Its an older house just blocks from my modern dwelling.  It had so much character and history.  Apparently it has been within this family for friends for the past ten or so years and looks as though it has been collecting a little character from each passing dweller as they come and go.  Those are really homes, right?  Unlike the apartment I live in where they repaint the walls oh so white after someone leave?  God forbid it looks like anyone has ever lived there before!  

I had a lovely evening.  Sampled a new bottle of Portuguese wine, savored a vegetable medley stir-fry, and snacked on vegan cookies and Almond Joy like deserts.  Thank you Scotty, my new favorite chef, you and your food were truly delightful company.

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